Vault Solo introduces SoloDrive

NZ company Vault Intel has recently added a new tool to complement its wearable software technology product Vault Solo.

SoloDrive is a fleet management software product that uses a matrix system to assess user performance under categories and scores each journey undertaken with a performance total.

Any manager responsible for a fleet of vehicles will be able to consult the dashboard and gauge several critical measurements- has the user picked up his or her cell phone on the journey?

SoloDrive solves the distracted driver issue by marking how many times the phone is picked up on a given journey. It also marks other aspects of the user’s journey: have they undertaken a ‘hard’ turn or ‘hard’ acceleration? SoloDrive generates a report on individual users and on a team grouping, which will incentivise the improvement of driving skills.

Busted- 3 instances of phone use detected!

SoloDrive works from sensors inside the user’s smart device. These pick up the sudden movements within the car and can also alert user of an impending collision. Instant alerts are also provided to user HQ.

No configuration is necessary as any Solo user product can be activated on to SoloDrive – the sensors in their cellphone will do the rest. These will function provided the phone is in the vehicle- even from a bag in the boot!

To find out more about SoloDrive or Vault Solo click here.

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