On the trail of heritage machines

Clark-Michigan rolled out it’s twin-engined scraper- the 110HT, in 1970. The machine was a reasonable success for C-M and over 1000 were produced. A small number trickled into NZ, although no-one is sure exactly how many arrived, or where they ended up working.

In 2009 Richard Campbell wrote about the NZ imports in a Classic Machines profile; explaining he was aware of at least seven 110HTs that had been landed here.

Clark-Michigan 110HT scraper

It was therefore a matter of interest when a member of the public contacted us last week with the news that he had photographed one of these rare machines, sitting in place on a farm near Auckland.

Another viewpoint

It looks like a restoration project going begging- thanks for sending in these pics!

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  1. I purchased and started restoration on machigen scraper seen here 2018.myself and my oldest son painted, replaced parished seals, hydraulic hoses,wiring and started refacing blades on elevator.

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