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By Brayden Hawkes CEO of BoomsUp

The civil construction industry is remarkable. What if each new car had to be completely unique and manufactured in your driveway. In construction our plans are always individual and our factory floor might be the middle of a four lane motorway. We are proud of our work and so we should be!

Construction professionals don’t ask for a lot of credit, we don’t talk ourselves up. The one platform designed for talking about your professional life (LinkedIn), isn’t used by the majority of our workforce. LinkedIn’s app was created for office workers and that’s exactly who uses it. 

Work crews have valuable licences, crucial skills, and irreplaceable experience. Blue collar construction workers are every bit as professional as their office-based colleagues but LinkedIn was not made with their skills in mind.

That’s why we are building BoomsUp, the app dedicated to showcasing the credentials, talents and experience of construction professionals.

A picture is worth a thousand words, BoomsUp takes this to the next level with a new category of professional identity. Take the front page of a user’s BoomsUp profile, it’s a portfolio of their work. Not a long summary of career goals followed by degrees and job titles but just simple, clean and clear site photos.

Operators, labourers, riggers, drillers, foreman, and supervisors, BoomsUp is on a mission to solve the professional identity problem in construction and build a platform for the people who build the world!

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