A Microcredentials Pilot Scheme

Unitec is trialling a microcredential pilot scheme

Guest Post by Hugh Wilson from Unitec Auckland

A microcredential is a recognition that a person has demonstrated a certain competency.  For example, a civil engineering microcredential could recognise the holder’s ability to design a road pavement or knowledge of earthworks construction.  Microcredentials have the potential to allow learners choices; you can learn what you need to when you want to, rather than taking time off work for example.

The opportunities microcredential learning will enable are exciting for the civil contracting industry. Microcredentials could be “stacked” into sub-groups of microcredentials that recognise a wider body of knowledge such as the competencies required to plan and manage a road construction project or to align with learning outcomes of formal education courses.

A pilot project on the use of microcredentials to allow more people to explore or get into the New Zealand Diploma of Engineering (NZDE) is presently underway.  The project team has set up a website with learning resources and submission specifications.  These resources allow participants to learn the content and earn microcredentials that align with the Highway Engineering course of the NZDE program. 

The project team are looking for people who are interested in participating in the pilot project as learners.  Participation is free and will allow participants to see what is required to undertake the NZDE program and also learn basic road design and construction skills.  You can look at the site on www.microcredentials.online.  The site also has contact details if you are interested in participating or have any questions.

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