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MOST simulation training

The 2019 NZ Crane Training Company of the Year Major Oak Safety Training Ltd (‘MOST’) is taking the lead in the mission to provide safer, more competent and efficient candidates to fill the skill gaps for crane/construction equipment operators and dogman.

Now, in 2020, ‘MOST’ has brought world class immersive simulation training to NZ, with an industry-leading, state-of-the-art, crane and construction equipment operator simulator for training, risk/skill analysis and competency.

The offered crane simulations include; Flat-Top & Luffing Tower, RT Mobile, Crawler and Ship Pedestal Crane, as well as the following construction and mobile plant, Excavator, Wheel Loader, Dozer, Backhoe and forklift.

And it doesn’t stop there, with real-time in person signal/dogman station for crane communications and hazard and risk identification, to top it off there is the world’s first multi crane lift simulations plus vast range of competency tasks, situation variables and exercises all customisable to each piece of equipment.  Crane / construction crews can now truly train and learn as a whole team.

‘MOST’ aims to enhance experience/competency levels both prior to and during the career of candidates, combined with final assessments on real equipment in candidate workplaces. The company believes that simulation is the future for providing a risk-free confidence building environment for candidates, increasing safety in the workplace whilst protecting the environment and minimising operational disruptions.

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