Sensible changes to PPE policy

The NZTA has not made a big fuss about it, but it has changed from a prescriptive PPE policy, to a risked based policy for PPE. 

“From 2 July 2019 regarding the review of our full PPE policy, we are moving to a risk-based approach for PPE.”

Effectively, this now allows businesses to use a risked based system to determine appropriate levels of PPE rather than prescribing full cover, hard hats, and other restrictive PPE for duties that don’t require them.

This change also allows engagement from the workforce to determine the level of clothing, or cover required, and for managers to listen to any concerns and complaints relating to the enforcement of full cover PPE that has happened over recent summers. 

This is how the Act is supposed to work, as opposed to the “you will do what we say” policies that have been enforced by most PCBU’s over recent years.

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