Survey on Early Contractor Involvement

The Engineering School at the University of Canterbury is currently undergoing research to determine the ‘optimal stage’ to involve the contractor in pre-construction services.

Previous research has shown that engaging in pre-construction services can provide benefits to all stakeholders (I.e. contractors, clients, and consultants) when performed correctly. The Engineering School has created a short survey for relevant participants, the results of which will assist them in identifying this optimality.

Objectives & Qualification

The objectives for the new research project are to

  1. Investigate the ‘optimal stage’ for a contractor to become involved in the pre-construction phase of a project.
  2. Develop a tool that can aid decision makers as to when this optimal stage occurs.
  3. Determine whether the activities within the pre-construction phase need to be restructured to accommodate this ‘optimal stage’?

Industry professionals with experience in procurement/pre-contracts management are sought to gauge their views on a range of issues associated with pre-construction services. These responses will aid in the development of a matrix that defines optimal contractor involvement time as a function of a civil infrastructure project’s complexity and cost. Involvement in this project will involve the completion of an online questionnaire (approximately 10 minutes).

Additionally, if you would like to participate in a quick interview or would like clarification about what this would involve, please email

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