Best in Show- a sneak preview

This beautifully restored International-Harvester PH95 PayHauler was photographed by an alert member of the public at Ports of Auckland this weekend.

The truck, owned by C&R Developments(formerly Baker Construction) in Cambridge, is bound for Wheels at Wanaka 2019, in several stages. C&R has also imported a Euclid TC-12 from the States, and this is being dispatched to Christchurch separately.

Baker Construction’s Jim Ross bought the truck in 1959/60, and it still runs on its original IH817 engine. The truck spent years down in the South Island working on the hydro-dam projects. In those days it was painted yellow & white. Fitted with a tapered rock body the PH95 could carry a 24 ton load. The Euclid R-25/R-27 was a contemporary of the PH95.

First there’s a trip to Christchurch on a freight ferry, where the truck will have a rest on a C&R site. Then there’s a journey on a car transporter from Christchurch to Wanaka, with the TC-12 for company.

For those fortunate enough to be headed to Wheels at Wanaka, enjoy the show.


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