CivilShare builds awareness in heart of city construction

CivilShare is on a mission to revolutionise an age-old construction industry.

Sparked by the country’s growing landfill problem, brothers Regan and Mike Burke believe they can deliver higher profit for the industry and solve an environmental issue at the same time.

“Materials, manpower and machinery are being wasted and landfill remains high on the radar of the government. We want to shake-up our country’s most wasteful industry and jumpstart new progressive thinking,” says Regan Burke, CivilShare.

CivilShare is a digital marketplace enabling the construction industry to buy, sell, rent, pose questions and postinformation, all designed to reduce waste and boost profit. The platform brings like-minded people together to trade and talk.

“CivilShare is a great idea that needs to gain traction with site managers and other industry decision makers”says Damon O’Leary, Hello. “So, with all the construction happening downtown, we created a digital billboard campaign surrounding construction sites to reach the right people in the right place, right away. It’s time we change the conversation in construction for good.”

“Landfill, waste and illegal dumping have big environmental consequences and cost ratepayers millions of dollars every year,” says Auckland Mayor, Phil Goff. “Council is fully supportive of efforts to reduce waste in the construction industry and backs CivilShare’s mission to reduce the country’s landfills.”

“The platform brings together like-minded people so they can talk, trade or exchange ideas” says Mike Burke,CivilShare. “Civil contractors, construction companies, suppliers, landscapers right through to everyday households now have the ability to trade. The impact of CivilShare will exponentially grow as membership increases and more people start trading throughout the country.”

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