Styling hard hats

If you’ve ever wanted your work hard hat to make a statement then you are in luck..

Cool Hard Hats NZ makes and sells cool-looking, custom designed hard hats.  The company has its own graphic design team and will create you a hard hat which differs from your normal kit.

Says company owner Jamie L’Huillier “Our designs include known characters from the cartoons and comics of our youth – Loony Toons, The Simpsons, Spiderman, and The Hulk.  We have designs from our own graphic design team that have a bit more edge to them – Eddy, The Reaper, Creep, Revolver, and Skimpy.  Other designs don’t have characters but are just as cool: Tripper, Paint, Carbon Fiber, and Lightning.”

Depending on your preference you can go mainstream with a cartoon, edgy or even use an original design.

The product range

Cood Hard Hats offers V9 Cap and Wide Brim hats for general purpose worksites.  The hats have a 6 point webbed safety harness with ratchet tightening which has a secure fit.  The Miners Hard Hat is designed with a lamp clip for a torch attachment. It comes with the same webbed harness and tightening system as the V9 and Wide Brim. The Airborne or Linesman hat is designed with a chin strap built-in to secure the hat so that workers at height do not need to worry about the hat coming off.  It has a 4 point harness and the same ratchet fastening system for increased security.

Customised range

The custom range can include logos, names, and designs to promote your company image.  These can be in any of the hat styles and there is no limit to the number of colours in the logo, unlike other techniques used. The company website is and you can contact Jamie at

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