A classic machine lands in NZ

We had a tip-off last week.

Lots of heavy machinery is disembarked onto Auckland’s Bledisloe Wharf each month without drawing attention but this particular machine is different. In fact any machinery enthusiast might have heard the twin Detroit engines with straight six starting inside the hull of the Tamelane, the vessel in question, as this machine drove off under its own steam; a deep, loud, throbbing steam. Make no mistake- this is a significant piece of machinery.

A Euclid TC-12, or ‘big twin’, as it is known, was snapped by one of our insiders on Bledisloe Wharf.  Imported from the US, ex-Baltimore, it’s the first Euclid TC-12 crawler to be imported here since 1962. Think about that for moment. For those who haven’t read Richard Campbell’s review, there were 8-9 TC-12s imported between 1958-1962, at which time this was the most powerful machine on the market. This machine is configured differently from earlier imports, with rear-mounted push plates in place.

Here is our latest machine- ready for inspection.


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  1. That is NICE! Now to see where it goes and what it’s doing! THANKS, Lads! Sure enough A-PLUS!

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