High definition imagery

1-nearmap-e28094c2a0waimahia-aukcland-nz-jan-2017-copy.jpgNearmap has been launched here, providing Kiwi businesses access to quality aerial maps of the country’s major cities.

This high definition imagery and frequency of capture enables businesses to view and inspect what is on the ground in incredible detail, remotely and easily on a web browser.

An historical library of content dating back to January 2017 also means you can monitor changing conditions of our cities. Image quality is consistently captured at 7.5cm GSD or higher for the sharpest aerial maps on the market, and is the most current available, ensuring businesses are working with the latest information of what’s on the ground. All this will help companies save time, reduce costs, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions.

Images are captured by Nearmap’s patented camera system fitted to lightweight aircraft that fly over our urban centres. Images are later stitched together into seamless digital maps and published online for subscribers to explore within weeks of capture.

Nearmap says it has already captured 72 percent of New Zealand’s economic activity, with Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch last updated in May.

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