Spreading the word to build our future

Peter Silcock, Chief Executive, Civil Contractors New Zealand

p58-Comment-Peter-Silcock-300x300Over the past few months, Civil Contractors New Zealand has been working to develop new tools to represent and assist the industry. These efforts have resulted in the release of our new website at www.civilcontractors.co.nz, and the release to members of the EPIC Careers in Infrastructure toolkit.

For those of you who haven’t been introduced to it yet, EPIC is an amazing careers promotion platform we have developed to help the next generation and people already in work see the potential of a career in civil contracting.

We’re looking to help members show New Zealand that investing in the next generation of civil contractors is vital to our future, and the campaign is a result of a year’s hard work from Civil Contractors New Zealand’s members, who pooled their ideas and resources to deliver the campaign.

We have produced downloadable videos, images, social media posts and PowerPoint presentation decks, made available in the members’ section of the new CCNZ website. Toolkits of brochures, posters and guides are winging their way across New Zealand as I write this, and many of you will have already received them.

EPIC aims to show people the gateway to a successful career they can be proud of. That they can work as part of a great team in the outdoors instead of being stuck behind a desk. That they can be part of building something they will point out to their children and say, ‘I made that’.

We’re planning to introduce EPIC on the big stage at next month’s Civil Contractors New Zealand Conference in Hamilton. An EPIC website has also been developed and released at www.EPICwork.nz, and social media channels set up on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to make EPIC more accessible and promote it to a wider audience.

A career in civil contracting is a wonderful thing, and I encourage those with an interest to spread the good word and share this with the world.


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