Safety Gear colouring- an open letter

Hey guys, an open letter to all of you that do contracting work on our state highways.

I know that it is an NZTA requirement that all STOP/GO operators are to be fully in ORANGE PPE while on site operating the traffic control, but why not pressure NZTA to change this colour to Hi-Viz Green/Yellow.
Because there are so many orange cones on sites these days and lots of them in close proximity to where the traffic controller is standing, there are times when it is really difficult to actually spot where he/she is standing with the STOP paddle.
The actual STMS person is in Hi-Viz Geen/Yellow and you can see them real easy (if they are on site, not in the truck having a few Zzzzz’ds) My business is oversize load piloting and I’ve been at it for 20 years with lots of truck driving prior to that, so I can speak with some experience.
Worksafe NZ are always on our case to improve work safety and this is a classic example of where it could easily be achieved and at very minimal cost.
Can we do this……? Lets give it a go!

Greg Sheehan.

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