New Terex flat top tower

The new 20-tonne Terex CTT 472-20 flat top tower crane expands maximum jib length to 80 metres and increases load charts over previous models offering the same lift capacity on the whole jib length, with a maximum load at the full length of the jib tip of four tonnes.

Offering a 470 ton-meter load moment, the new CTT 472-20 crane delivers extremely high lift capacities throughout its load chart and 11 different jib configurations from 30 to 80 metres to meet varying jobsite needs.

Its hoist, slewing and trolley speeds allow operators to quickly and precisely move and position heavy loads. All jib sections come preassembled with a life line for quick, safe installation at height, while galvanized jib walkways deliver long-lasting quality.

The CTT 472-20 can be configured with H20, HD23 and TS212 Terex mast section or, thanks to the transfer masts, with the combination of them. Terex says this gives companies operating multiple Terex tower crane models the ability to efficiently manage component inventory and cost-effectively meet their tower needs.

The new CTT 472-20 flat top tower crane offers a very competitive maximum freestanding height to reduce erection time and lower costs. Optimised for transport, these tower segments come preassembled with aluminum ladders for fast erection and increased durability.

The new CTT 472-20 is also the first tower crane model to include the new Terex cabin that will be installed on all flat top, hammerhead and luffing jib models. It puts the operator in the lap of luxury with a fully adjustable comfort seat and joystick controls with short stroke length.

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