Komatsu NZ host demo days

Komatsu NZ has been showcasing the intelligent machine control functionality on its excavator and dozer products by holding a series of demo days around the country.

On Friday morning at East Tamaki the Komatsu banners were flying nice and early at the demo site at the corner of Cryers Road & Bruce Roderick Drive.

Intelligent machinery control (IMC)is a functionality that increases the efficiency of your machinery- a novice operator can dig a trench or level a site knowing that the range of movements of the excavator boom or dozer blade have been pre-programmed into a computer screen on the cabin dash.

I arrived at the site and checked in with Komatu NZ’s marketing manager Elle Schutte. Together with a group of other attendees we stood looking over the section towards the Komatsu 65PXi dozer and Komatsu PC210 excavator.  It was time to grab a bacon and egg sandwich from the smart machine BBQ(not quite) then take a closer look .

Komatsu has IMC functionality built into its machines, giving the equipment a longer lifespan than a comparative after-market solutions,  and reducing the health and safety risks that come with clambering up and down equipment to install software. Some of the boys present took the opportunity to test the capacity of both machines. I took the chance to ask Garth Dixon, Komatsu NZ’s sales manager, questions about the implications of IMC and where the technology is heading.

Time commitments prevented me from digging a trench. As I checked out some-one pointed out I’d been the only person present not wearing a hi-vis vest. In one sense software is creating these new horizons, but it will always be for the user to apply the product. And keep alert for people who don’t think.

‘That’s how you get noticed.’ they laughed. Next time I’ll be donning one.



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