New series of hydraulic breakers for Volvo’s excavator range

The new series of hydraulic breakers for compact equipment are durable enough for a wide range of applications and provide consistent impact frequency and power for greater productivity.

The six breakers in Volvo Construction Equipment’s HB02 to HB08 series complement any compact excavator weighing under 10 tonnes. Ranging from 130kg to 512kg, Volvo HB02 to HB08 breakers will match any compact machine and are optimized to their specific weights and hydraulic technology. Tailored to Volvo quick couplers, the HB-Series makes attachment changes simple and safe, allowing operators to switch between applications w.

The HB series breakers for medium and large size machines have operating weights of 909 to 6,031kg, the 11 breakers in Volvo’s HB14 to HB70 series work together in perfect harmony with Volvo’s excavators, from the EC140 up to the EC700. The HB14 to HB70 breakers are self-greasing and encased in a fully sealed housing, which protects the power cell, prolongs their lifespan and reduces noise. Their hydraulic systems are protected from pressure spikes by capacity accumulators, which increase impact power.

The operator can adapt frequency to the application using the breaker’s dual-speed control. A cushion damper reduces noise and vibration back through the machine, for operator comfort and safety, as well as decreased risk of damage to the boom and arm. Anti-blank firing prevents the breaker from continuing to strike once material has been completely penetrated.

HB-Series breakers can be purchased in an all-in-one package – which includes hydraulic hoses, breaker bracket and breaker tools, so they can go to work right away, no matter whether they’re being attached to new machines or integrated into an existing fleet.

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