Civil War artefacts

While attending Conexpo in March I did a day trip to the Hoover Dam, and befriended a fellow Conference delegate and his wife. When we weren’t looking at concrete and canyon walls my friend mentioned he was a Virginian.

Being a history nut I asked if he lived near any of the Civil War battlefields.

“Five miles walk from our home sir” he replied. Cue a discussion about the Blue and Grey armies of 150 years prior.

As we parted I promised I’d send him a subscription to Contractor magazine, while he promised to send some battlefield souvenirs.

Button from a Union Regiment uniform- dug from Virginian soil.

Four months later a parcel arrives on my desk. Enclosed is a plastic bag with two dirt encrusted bullets, a minie-ball and the button from a New York regiment uniform.


“That’s a long walk from Virginia..” states the attached note.



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