Girls with Hi-Vis month

The Infrastructure Industry has launched a campaign to attract more women to the workforce

Women around the country donned Hi-Vis attire last month for a ‘hands on’ taste of working in the Infrastructure Industry.

The annual ‘Girls with Hi-Vis’ initiative lead by Connexis sees staff already working in the Infrastructure Industry inviting sisters, daughters, friends, cousins and wives to work for a day for a ‘hands on experience’ on the job to showcase the many career options.

Connexis has partnered with civil, energy, three waters and telecommunications companies throughout the country for a series of open days. The first was held at Vector in Taranaki, which is participated for the first time.

Connexis interim-chief executive David Worsnop says: “While women make up 50 percent of the country’s population, less than 4 percent of women are trade and technical trainees with Connexis. We’ve identified women as a key potential source to help staff the workforce and industry are working alongside, actively supporting to promote and increase numbers.”

David adds that the Government’s recent announcement of an $11 billion investment into infrastructure highlights the need for recruiting more quality workers, especially as it’s already short of skilled staff with a prediction of 25,000 more workers required to meet industry demand over the next 3 years. Connexis sees women as key to filling these roles.

“A ‘hands on’ taste of the job is a perfect way to show women exactly what a usual day’s work entails and hopefully it will inspire them to start a new career,” he says.

Industry partners for Girls with Hi-Vis 2017 are Visionstream, Auckland; WaterCare Auckland; Counties Power Manukau; Horizon Energy Group Whakatane, Mainpower, Rangiora; Meridian, Wellington and Twizel; Genesis Energy Turangi (pictured in the featured image) and Vector, Taranaki.

Counties Power Group Photo with Minister Upston

“It’s great to see all these companies working together to ensure that this campaign is a success. They’re all very keen to recruit quality staff and view women as key to helping fill these roles moving forward and see Girls with Hi-Vis key to helping achieving this,” David says.

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