Contractor website..Take a bow!

By the end of May 2017 Contractor website  traffic has surpassed viewer numbers from 2016. There have been 40,000 unique visitors to the website in five months and the average day’s traffic equates to 470 views.

The top five stories in 2017 thus far:

1/ Greg Sheehan’s H&S is killing us softly

2/ Kaikoura Slips: the work thus far

3/ Transmission Gully motorway progress

4/ On the cusp of a transport revolution

5/ Skilled Professionals in short supply

The wider global interest in the civil construction industry(and our classic           machines columns!) is reflected by the breakdown of visitors by country- see the screenshot table of countries and traffic numbers.Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 4.31.56 PM


Excluding local traffic we’ve a regular international audience.

Thanks to the readers of the blog and our website visitors for taking the time to read our content.

More is in store.

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