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Recently we had a Twitter encounter with a company who provide a journey management SaaS. Things escalated. Renee Turner from JESI took the Contractor Q&A  and kindly answered the following questions..

Contractor: That’s an interesting company name- where does JESI stem from?

Renee: JESI is the trusted partner for corporations worldwide who prioritise the safety and efficiency needs of their mobile, remote or solo team members. When the company entered the market, JESI was an abbreviation of Journey, Events, Safety and Innovation. We wanted a name that represented a person, and unilateral to a female or male persona. However, as the company matured, JESI is now recognised as the name that accompanies travelling employees. Never travel alone as JESI is your travel safety partner.

C: JESI provides a journey management software product -Is journey management similar to measuring company vehicle odometers?

R: JESI is focused on the safety of people, rather than vehicle data. Enabling businesses to fulfil their duty of care to employees working off site. Our journey management software allows companies to receive immediate alerts via sms and email should an employee not check-in at a designated checkpoint, providing cost-effective, health & safety solutions for corporate travel, lone worker, remote worker and mobile worker management.

C: What defines a work-related journey with JESI ? Do you have to be in a vehicle to use the service?

A work-related journey, is any travel you may undertake for work purposes, including commuting to and from work. Our journey management software allows businesses to track the safety of their mobile workforce; either on the road, travelling overseas, using any mode of transport or conducting work alone or remotely.

C: What does having JESI as your travel companion mean for your employers? And you as a user?

R: JESI’s technology enables businesses to react promptly to travel and lone working safety issues. In the event a disaster occurs, using our traveller activity dashboard, management can quickly identify whether any employees are due to check-in or have checked-in to that specific location. Additionally, lone travellers and remote workers can schedule safety check-ins. If a remote worker fails to check-in, management is notified. Reducing incident response times.

Users can easily set up their journey and check-in using a mobile phone or smart device. Plus, if it’s company policy to complete a travel risk assessment prior to commencing a journey, this process is completely automated online. JESI is designed for busy people who want an un-intrusive way to know their workers are safe.

C: Can you measure the difference when companies begin using JESI?

R: JESI can stand alone or be integrated into existing enterprise platforms, tracking devices and HR systems to create an end-to-end solution that is efficient and streamlined. Based on 20 journeys per week, JESI can save organisations up to 1,724 hours per year in administrative and monitoring time, but for those organisations who complete Travel Risk Assessments (TRA) prior to travelling, JESI can save 38,272 hours annually as the manual process of approving or denying the TRA is streamlined online. This equates to $234,554 in annual cost savings.

C: What is the future scope for your service?

R: We have recently partnered with Aware360 a Canadian company that extends our services to offering additional personal safety technology such as wearables and satellite devices. The partnership enables an entire spectrum of powerful, precise business intelligence through IoT and M2M technologies.

C: Thanks for taking on the Hotseat Renee! 

If your organisation would like to take the Contractor Q&A please contact us via email. 


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