New Hynds Partnership

Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd and Eloy Water have launched a new partnership in New Zealand and South West Pacific Islands.

Eloy Water NZ is part of the Belgium-owned Eloy Group  who have built a strong reputation supplying waste water treatment plants to 26 countries around the world. Eloy Water specialises in modular treatment solutions for single house to mid-size communities that includes three technologies:

  • Submerged Aerated Fixed Film (SAFF)
  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)
  • Passive Treatment Filter (Zero Power Treatment Process)

This strategic alliance between two family owned companies, shares a common vision and combines more than 110 years of experience in construction and waste water treatment.

In 2013, Eloy Water opened a subsidiary office in New Zealand and since that time has established a strong market presence in the waste water industry. The strength of this partnership will establish familiarity and permanence of a global suite of products within the local market. It provides the New Zealand market with Eloy Water Global Technology and R & D – supported by the manufacturing strength of Hynds Pipe Systems.

On April 3 the new venture commenced. Mike Dawson(pictured) former GM of Eloy Water NZ is heading up the new organisation.

In the coming months, Hynds and Eloy Water will introduce a suite of products focussed primarily on the treatment of domestic grade waste water for single dwellings, up to medium size communities, as well as introducing “SMART”, a new way of designing tailored solutions to difficult projects.

The Eloy Water range includes brands such as Oxyfix, X-Perco, and Airoxy. They will sit within Hynds Wastewater Category, alongside products such as the Hynds Lifestyle® Treatment System and Aquate.











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