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CivilShare turned six months old recently- and after a quiet start use of the app is gaining traction in the local construction industry. More than 700 people have registered via website or downloaded CivilShare since its debut at CCNZ annual Conference last year. They are downloading it because the app is helping them to connect with fellow construction industry peers, and also solving some typical construction-type headaches.

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We heard a great example recently of how CivilShare can solve industry issues, and it’s worth a blog post. We’ll set the scene by stating that since Christmas there has been a three week wait for concrete pouring on Auckland construction sites. A month ago Allied Concrete had three trucks laden with fresh concrete ready to depart when the client was forced to cancel. Q: How would you allocate product without a replacement on hand? A: Post a listing on CivilShare that you have an order available and wait for the reply.

This is what happened and within an hour Donna at Allied had a customer receiving concrete that they had expected to wait a fortnight for. Instead they had connected via CivilShare and the problem had been solved.

If you are reading this blog and would like to share an example of a similar problem solving episode with your CivilShare app then we’d like to hear about. Or download the app and solve one of your mate’s problems with that pile of shingle you don’t need.



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