For improved road maintenance


Australian based road maintenance and manufacturing company Stabilcorp has released its ShoulderMaster Gravel Skid Steer attachment.

This product is said to build on the success of its first paving attachment, the SM1500 which delivers both asphalt and gravel.

This powerful machine has a capability to disperse material up to 2.2 metres wide through a larger hopper design and wider conveyor belt delivering material at a high rate to any verge or road shoulder.

The company believes there is a significant pent up demand from such a product and anticipates strong sales particularly in regional areas and also export markets, and the company is attending ConExpo this month.

“Overseas interest for ShoulderMaster has been outstanding,” says Peta Pinson, managing director of Stabilcorp. “We have fielded numerous inquiries from New Zealand and many other countries. The product fills a much-needed gap in the road maintenance industry, as governments invest billions of dollars to maintain vital road networks and improve road safety.”

Closer to home, Stabilcorp will also showcase its ShoulderMaster attachments at the upcoming Diesel Dirt & Turf Expo during April in Penrith, NSW.

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