Driving things that get on your goat by Richard Campbell

I’m really a patient, laid back soul, you have to be these days.

My at-home hobby demands patience in truck loads and I’m happy to devote my patience to it!

However, there are a number of things that really get on my goat and try my patience to the limit.

How about motorway on ramp lights?

What demented idiot came up with the idea for these wretched pieces of equipment or even thought they were a good idea.

In my experience, (and many other peoples as well), rather than smooth the flow of vehicles onto the motorway, they tend to exacerbate the problem and create a long string of vehicles around roundabouts during rush hours.

These days people have little regard for others (the “me” generation) and block exits and entrances to other people who are just trying to go through the roundabout, the end result being a seething mass of humanity ready to kill each other!

Once you finally make it to the lights, or starting grid as I like to call it, there is inevitably another motorist who considers this a fine time for a drag race off the line once the light goes green.

If you’re really unlucky, two people will jump the light on one side and race off into the distance while you’re simply trying to merge.

While watching this unfold is entertaining, it is also a recipe for disaster with folks trying to force their way in while the motorway string does its best to not let anyone merge, let alone our racing drivers.

Another hand-wringing gripe concerns those folks to which the turn signal indicator is just an accessory that doesn’t need to be used!

I’m not a mind reader and I like some form of indication as to where you intend to go – before you get there.

We have an “in” joke amongst the family that those people least likely to use their indicators are the owners of more expensive vehicles – BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar etc, but sadly it is true and I can find no good reason why this should be so other than pure ignorance.

Lastly, Tailgaters, don’t you just love them?

They appear from nowhere and attach themselves to your bumper when in heavy traffic or on wet days when you’re trying to maintain a safe distance.

Here is a warning to all of you who tailgate me – I don’t like it, it’s unsafe and if you run into the back of my 2 ton vehicle with your car you will be sorry as there is a big towbar out there which will ruin your day!

Richard Campbell blogs occasionally and writes a monthly column on classic machines

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