A new safety harness from CLiC-iT

Adrenalin Forest, the agent for CLiC-iT, has launched the CLiC-iT PRO 60, a personal fall arrest system specifically designed for industrial applications.

Two years ago, Adrenalin Forest adopted the innovative French safety system, the CLiC-iT 21 product across its three adventure parks in order to enhance safety. CLiC-iT removes the possibility of participants being able to unintentionally take both safety devices off the safety cable while they are on the aerial course.

Adrenalin Forest’s founder and director Jean Caillabet says, “Adventure parks challenge visitors by providing an aerial experience that’s exciting, adrenalin filled and, at times scary. While this business provides thrills, we’re essentially about making safety fun because if we were to slip up, we wouldn’t have a business.”

Caillabet was so impressed with the CLiC-iT system that he became the New Zealand agent for the company.

CLiC-iT recently introduced a second system for industrial applications, CLiC-iT PRO 60. While the PRO 21 system is ideal for zip wires in adventure parks, the PRO 60 system has been developed to keep operators safe while working on ladders, wind turbines, building scaffolding, radio masts and similar aerial situations where there is the ever-present need to prevent the user becoming detached, with all the risks that may result.

The system secures the operator to the structure or ladder, without the need for a lifeline throughout the climb and subsequent descent. It locks onto all types of anchors, up to a maximum diameter of 60mm. The inbuilt grip handles extend and protect the user’s hands for safer and faster vertical movement.

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