Top ten website stories in 2016

Our top ten website stories in 2016 are a surprising and eclectic mix. They  accurately reflect our ongoing editorial drivers; to provide our readers in print and online, with ‘on message’ content from industry. When your shareholders pour concrete, haul underground aquarium moulds and demolish vacant police headquarters the storyboard will always be a mixed and interesting bag!

We enjoyed assembling each and every story, but here are the top reads this year:

In 10th place, a Road of National Significance Update- the Western Belfast Bypass‘, in Ninth place, a story on the National Excavator Operator competition. In Eighth place, inferior imported steel, in Seventh place, news on Holcim and Lafarge merging, in Sixth place technology on the CRL project. In Fifth place the French construction giant buying into NZ, in Fourth Place, profile of Robert Jones, Fulton Hogan’s CEO.

In third place, a design story on Ara Tuhono- the Puhoi to Warkworth project, in second place, a profile of Kapiti contractor Stan Goodman.. In first place, by far our most popular story- the remarkable efforts to upgrade the road to Remarkables ski-field.

Thanks for your support in 2016.



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