Revolutionary laser scanner due for 2017 release

 Leica Geosystems announced last month that they’re launching an innovative new compact 360 degree laser scanner called the BLK360. This sleek black unit will be the smallest and lightest laser scanner in the world, so small in fact that you can hold it in one hand.

It features a 60 metre range, measurements down to millimetres, complete full-dome laser scan, 3D panoramic image capture, thermal imaging and fast 3 minute dome scan and transfer to an iPad.

 Ray Copeland from Global Survey, the NZ agents for Leica, told us “This is probably the most exciting development in 3D imaging technology in 25 years. We can’t wait to get our hands on a demo model early next year”.

 With other laser scanners costing upwards of $70k NZD, the new BLK360 which is set to retail at $15,990 USD is touted to be an industry game changer by significantly reducing the entry level cost and opening up 3D imaging to smaller operators. Exactly when the BLK360 will arrive in NZ is unknown but it’s due for worldwide release March 2017. Find out more here.




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