Zero swing mini excavator


With its IHI technology and notable increase in power and stability the next generation 8.5 tonne 85V4 zero tail swing was a stand out when introduced at the Bauma Exhibition held in Munich earlier this year.

Thanks to its compact tail dimensions, the IHI 85V4 is able to carry out digging and loading operations in total safety. A slewing speed of 9 rev/min and an impressive breakout force of 55kN combine to ensure optimum performance on any job. The new Yanmar engine guarantees low noise, together with miserly fuel and oil consumption. In addition, pollutant emissions are reduced to the bare minimum.

The zero tail swing turret of the 85V4 excavator is decidedly compact. A front turning radius with boom swing of 2640mm and a rear turning radius of 1450 mm make this new 8.5 tonne excavator the ideal machine for operations in restricted spaces, where maximizing margins of manoeuvrability is a factor. This is especially the case for road works, where precision is an essential requirement when manoeuvring on the carriageway.

It features a maximum digging depth of 4020 mm using the standard arm, or 4320 mm using a long arm. Particular attention has been given to maintenance and accessibility of components, whilst the new rubber tracks also reduce vibration, increase durability and provide enhanced operator comfort.

The new IHI 85V4 model is not currently available in New Zealand but Youngman Richardson & Co is hopeful they will be here soon.

For more information: Call 09 443 2436, or for South Island enquiries, 03 341 6923.

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  1. Reduced and zero tailswing models have become popular due to their easy maneuverability in urban and residential areas where space is limited. With a minimized counterweight radius, the excavator has a decreased chance of damaging property when working close to buildings and other obstructions.

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