Knights Of The Road ? by Richard Campbell

Anyone who drives in the city is aware of the volume of heavy trucks that ply their daily trade along the roads.

Those who travel long distance will also be acutely aware of them.

There was a time when you could count on a truckie. They were the most courteous drivers on the road, and were known as the “knights of the road”. The name was well-deserved.

Some of them are still out there, but unfortunately their numbers appear to have thinned drastically in the last few years, replaced by arrogant and inconsiderate people who don’t seem to care for their own vehicles let alone other road users.

According to the news reports there is a shortage of heavy vehicle (truck) drivers in New Zealand. OK, that is a problem, but why are we allowing new drivers loose behind the wheel of 20-plus tons of vehicle, with not even a basic knowledge of the NZ Road Code ?

On the open road I have been the victim of dodgy overtaking by truckers on more occasions than I care to recall by people who should know better. These also included some ‘B-train’ vehicles.

In the city, what ever happened to not entering an intersections or roundabouts unless the exit is clear, a concept seemingly lost on truck drivers, taxi drivers (and I will also include bus drivers as well in this category). It makes the already slow moving traffic grind to a halt, makes folks miss their traffic light changes and generally clogs things up in a most unnecessary way. It also incites road rage and risk taking, neither of which constitute acceptable behaviour on the road,

As I mentioned earlier, the age of chivalry is not entirely dead yet and there are some bloody good truck drivers out there, especially those folks involved with heavy haulage of equipment who seem to be a breed well above the average these days.

Well done you guys and the rest of you take note !

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