2015 Hirepool Construction Excellence Awards- Category 6: Excellence in routine maintenance


Nelson City Council Road Maintenance for Nelson City Council – Downer NZ Limited

The Nelson City Road Maintenance contract is an older (9 years) traditional contract which has evolved over time into an informal partnering relationship between the Nelson City Council and Downer.

While originally set up as a more traditional contract type the contract is now administered in a collaborative way involving Nelson City, Downer and significant sub-contractors.

An atmosphere of confidence and trust exists between the parties and the Council has enjoyed significant cost savings together with an enhanced profile within the community for the way in which works are delivered across the city.

Involving the Contractor in reviewing works schedules and proposed methodologies has saved Nelson City significant monies and allowed for extra works needed to further improve the roading network.

This project shows what can be achieved when all parties work together in an open way to achieve the objective of the contract and the overall aims of the Nelson City Council. Council is very happy with the results and has rewarded Downer by extending the contract for a two years beyond its original expiry date.

Judges                        Paul Bishop   Dave Macdonald

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