Incentives for local government needed

How many of NZ’s local governments would you currently describe as well-performing and growth friendly? What are the standards by which this is gauged?

Dr Oliver Hartwich

Published in Insights, The New Zealand Initiative’s newsletter, 17 July 2015

From Sunday, my colleague Jason Krupp and I will be attending the annual Local Government New Zealand conference. It is LGNZ’s flagship event of the year, bringing together 600 delegates from New Zealand’s councils along with key players from the private sector, business, government and non-government agencies.

Local government reform is one of the Initiative’s key research themes for the coming two years, which is why LGNZ’s conference is so important for us. If you want to feel the pulse of local government, this is the best opportunity.

But there is another reason why Jason and I are looking forward to the event. It is also the place where LGNZ will present its manifesto for local government funding.

To declare an interest, I was part of the working group which helped to guide LGNZ’s local government funding review. This…

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