The new Contrafed website- a user guide

We are pleased to officially unveil our new Contrafed website today- after months of work we have now diverted traffic from our existing site to the new model. It’s actually four websites rolled into one: there is a Contrafed home pagScreen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.40.28 PMe with a new URL identity, then underneath this site sit three separate subdomains, each with unique domain names. Here is the new homepage: And here are the three new sites: 1. Contractor Magazine/Q&M. 2. NZ Local Government magazine 3. Energy NZ magazine. When we load new stories on each of these three subdomains the store will automatically feed to our main Contrafed site. Of course visitors will be able to hop between the different sites too. We have started uploading content and more feature articles are being added daily. Go and have a look. And don’t forget there are plenty of advertising slots available either.

Author: ContrafedPublishing

Account manager at Contrafed Publishing - look after advertising and digital media/marketing for the company's suite of magazines.

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