Contractor Perspectives 2015- a new Contrafed Product

NZ Infrastructure is creaking under demand

NZ Infrastructure -creaking under demand

Contractor Perspectives 2015 is a new addition to Contrafed’s publishing schedule. The new product is coming out in late-December and will be sent to all Contractor magazine subscribers, along with December’s Contractor. Contractor Perspectives will differ in appearance and in content from the regular Contractor magazine.

Contractor Perspectives will be an A4, perfect-bound, 42 page magazine targeting owners and decision-makers in construction businesses. Contractor Perspectives will feature opinion pieces from government agency and industry CEOs. Energy NZ’s Perspectives is an appropriate suitable example of the end product.

The current circulation of Contractor is approximately 3300 copies each month. Additional copies of Contractor Perspectives will be printed and sent to central government agencies and local government mayors and CEOs.The total print-run will be approximately 4,000 copies.

If you wish to book advertising please contact Charles Fairbairn on 09 636 5724. Regular Contractor magazine rates apply, and please note that advertisers will be invoiced in December.



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