A reminder about marketing opportunities

Contractor magazineSince the publication of the last Annual Report eleven new organizations have joined the  NZCF’s Major Associate Member group. It’s timely to remind both existing and new associates about marketing options.

As part of its membership each member and associate member organization receives a subscription copy of NZ Contractor magazine. Contrafed Publishing distributes 3,200 copies monthly ; hopefully you’ve seen the publication circulating in your office, and taken a chance to read it in it’s digital format.

If you are interested in additional copies of Contractor magazine please contact Pam at Contrafed Publishing, via email admin@contrafed.co.nz. If you want to circulate the digital version on your staff intranet or website you are welcome to do so. Contrafed Publishing loads a digital version to its digital library four weeks after the printed version has hit desks.

If you are interested in sharing your product news and developments with us please contact editor Alan Titchall via email alan@contrafed.co.nz. If you would like details about advertising rates please contact Charles Fairbairn via email charles@contrafed.co.nz or 096365724.


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